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A T-shirt that makes sweaty armpits socially acceptable (sort of)

Summer is the season of the sweaty armpit.
While a quick search reveals that most people try to deal with sweat by somehow stopping it,
I tried taking a different approach:
a T-shirt that tries to make sweat more loveable by incorporating it into the design.

The puppy gives your sweat a friendlier context, making it more loveable and socially acceptable.
Look at that. Totally loveable.

There's also a dude fishing from your sweat at the back.

If some things can't be stopped all together (like sweat), it may sometimes be worth thinking of a way to just love it.
Anyone who wants to purchase these, I'd love to hear from you.

2 件のコメント:

  1. I'd like to have one... or two, where to get these tees?

    1. Hi, just email me at ken[at]kawamoto.co.uk and I'll let you know details about shipping overseas (our main EC site currently only ships inside Japan)