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[:iroiro] lets you generate colour palettes from any word or phrase

What is it

[:iroiro] is a service that automatically generates colour palettes based on any given word or phrase:

(eg: colour palette for "childish")

I built this service after a year of launching various services, realizing that I totally suck at picking colours, and thinking:
"Wouldn't it be great if engineers could just describe the design instead of having to build one for themselves?"
iroiro does just that; you enter any words/phrases that describe your concept, and it generates an appropriate colour scheme, which you can use in your design.

How to use:
(1) Go to: [:iroiro] (http://synthsky.com/iroiro/)
(2) Enter any keyword (e.g.: "fish","iPhone","green")
(3) Export colour palette as XML, CSS, PNG, or even clothes

some examples:

Abstract concepts work pretty well


Common nouns give good results too
"sea" and "deep sea"

[:iroiro] can capture the subtle differences in the phrase


Names of countries work well too.

When your client asks you to build a Valentine's day website in 5 hours...

"Dragon Ball"
or whatever.

By automating the process between "deciding on a concept" and "choosing colors to match the concept", [:iroiro] allows you to speed up your design prototyping. 
It is especially suitable for engineers who have no design skills (like me :) )

Export features
[:iroiro] lets you export the generated colour palettes into a wide variety of different formats:

○Powerpoint color palette
○Embed HTML

○ You can even buy clothes to match the colours!

How it works
[:iroiro] works by performing an image search of the given phrase, and extracting representative colors from the found images.

In the media

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